Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage dresses and hat just added to the website

**4 Cotton Day Dresses from the 1940s -

** 4 Day Dressses from the 1950s -

** A 1940s Creped Dress & Jacket set in an XL size -

** 1950s Embroidered Ivory Satin Party Dress

** 3 Vintage Hats

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vintage blouses added to the website. Plus blouses, dresses and shoes added to the etsy shop

**10 Blouses just added to the website

** A bunch of goodies added to my etsy shop - more blouses, vintage dresses, Victorian Millinery feathers, vintage laces, Easter Candy molds, vintage shoes and more -  Dandelion Vintage on ETSY

Blouses on the website -

Items added to the etsy shop -

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mark 'em down, move 'em out! Newly reduced vintage clothing

I'm working my way through the website, marking down some vintage items and moving them to clearance pages. I started with the Lingerie Department by marking down over 60 items to $8.00 and less. Then I went through the gloves (marked down to $2 each) the purses are $5 and the hats are $8 and less

5 Pages of Vintage Super Cheap Clearance - 
Lingerie, Gloves, Hats, Shoes & Purses - marked down to $8.00 and less -
  Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4 / Page 5 

I also reduced the prices on some items in the following departments -
Linens, Glassware & Household items
Men's Vintage Clothing
Vintage Fabrics

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just added - 1920s & 1930s dresses, 1950 & 1960s Dresses

** 1920s Dresses - White Batiste & a Peach Silk Day Dress -

** A 1930s Navy Eyelet Dress -

** Dresses from the 1950-60s, and a 1980s does 50s dress -

** 1960s Print Maxi Skirt and 1950s Pink Full Skirt -