Vintage Dresses, Cute Miniature Dogs & Animals & Linen lots in the etsy shop

Recently added to the etsy shop - 

Several lots of cheap linens - tablecloths and napkins, all good, just priced cheap to move them out of here to make room for other things. 

Miniature animals - dogs, raccoons, donkeys, deer etc. I found these in a drawer at the house clean-
out that we went to a few weeks ago. I don't usually buy this type of stock, but they were so cute. 

Vintage Dresses - mostly smaller sized 1950s dresses. Also a 1960s peasant blouse and an XS 1930s costume top

Mini buying trip yields Vintage buttons, Fabrics & Linens. Pink Depression Glass

Last week we received a call to go through a house clean out, spur of the moment. So we jumped in the car and hit the road to a nice old house, built in the early 1900s. The inside was all tossed around and it looked like no one had lived there in a while. Someone bought the house to rehab it and our guy was called in to clean it out. Unfortunately there wasn't much clothing, I only found 4 dresses from the 1950s. Those need to be cleaned and will be listed for sale later.

But I did get a small amount of vintage sewing items, some cool buttons and fabric remnants, also some linens that the lady had made and a small lot of unused washcloths from the 1960s.
I grabbed up a few pieces of some interesting glassware as well. It turned out to be a good little trip. I love digging through stuff in houses.

Below are photos of some of the items just listed in the etsy shop.

Buttons & Fabrics 

Vintage washcloths and turquoise napkins 

Pink Depression Glass bowls, saucers and relish dish