Fresh antiques & vintage added to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - pottery inkwells from the 1800s and liquor bottles from the 1920-30s

Antique Laces and Dress trims - Victorian to Edwardian and a 1920s beaded purse

Vintage Hats & Purse - 1930-40s hats and 1960s plush brocade purse


Antique pottery, vintage dresses and linens

This week I added a bunch of vintage goodies to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - Inkwells and banks from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Collectible and decor items including 2 old rulers, a small boot candy container, glass lamp globes, vintage tins and a novelty whiskey flask.

17 Piece Hankie Lot - white with lace edges

4 Vintage Dresses - includes a 1940s pinafore, 1950s dress with watteau panel, 1960s black wool dress and 1980s plaid with full skirt


As Is Vintage Clothing Lots

It's that time of year again, time to sort through the damaged items that I've been setting aside during the year and put them in lots and move them out!

AS-IS Vintage Lots -  a lot of hankies, one of scarves, one of 1940s dish towels, one of lingerie. Then there are 5 mixed lots with dresses, blouses, skirts, hats, gloves and purse

Individual AS-IS items -
1940s Black Velvet Opera Coat
1950s Sequin Dress
1950s XL Aqua Dress with Lace and Rhinestones

Edwardian & 1920s Lingerie, Men's Chippewa Jacket, 1960s Ladies Suit and Pants

Edwardian & 1920s Lingerie -  Petticoat, One piece knit union suit, nightgowns,  an as-is Teddy and a 1920s Kimono style robe

Men's Chippewa Wool Plaid Jacket and 3 pairs of Ladies 1950-60s pants

Ladies 1960s Dark Pink Suit - with fur collar and rhinestone buttons

2 Very Large Scarves