Dandelion Vintage ebay listings

Over the months of September, October & November, I plan on listing a bunch of stuff on ebay. Some things you may have already seen, but a bunch of fresh vintage too! Above are items that are currently listed. Check it out weekly -


Awesome Hats added to the etsy shop, along with linens and antique laces

2 Custom made 1960s Vintage Hats for Doggies! can you believe it? Custom made at Bullock's Wilshire

Amazing vintage Beaded Collar
Embroidered Lace Collar, Velvet Fraternal Collas and a 1920s cotton teddy, 
Crochet Collars and Silk Hankie
Belt Buckles 

Vintage Dishes and Vintage Tablecloths & Dish Towels

More Antique Laces & Remnants of Clothing

Some super amazing Hats!

An Edwardian Teen Girl's Dress and an XS 1930s Velvet Dress 

A bunch of great vintage added to the etsy shop!

** Vintage dresses from the 1950s and 1960s - includes a black taffeta ruffled party dress, a Classic Swirl Wrap Dress, a cute 1960s white ruffled party dress and several cute cotton day dresses

** Victorian & Edwardian Clothing Remnants - includes lace necklines, several partial cotton petticoats, silk fabrics from dresses, lingerie, bodices  and skirts

Edwardian Clothing - including lace pieces, a beautiful handmade lace shawl, Edwardian Blouses, A puffed sleeve blouse, a rare Edwardian Maternity Blouse

Antique laces from 1800s to early 1900s 

Vintage Linens - tablecloths, souvenir dishtowels and a group of embroidered guest towels

Vintage hats from the 1940s and 1950s