Add some sparkle! Purses, sweater, tops, skirt, hat and gloves


Just added -

6 Vintage purses - Beaded,  Faille, 1940s rhinestones, Whiting & Davis mesh purse and a gold box purse -

Vintage crochet Hat with metallic thread -

Metallic Embroidered Velvet Belt -

Black Cotton Gloves with teeny rhinestones -

1940s Black Rayon Blouse, XL fits 48 inch bust  -

Beaded Black top, Sequined Black Sweater (40-42 bust) and a Reverse embroidered taffeta skirt -


12 Vintage Dresses just added to the website -

Just added to the website -

**2 Black floral dresses from the 1980s - a shift and a jersey knit Chetta B By Peter Noviello -

**6 Day Dresses from the 1950s 1960s - Pink florals, peach and pink knits, and a two tone pink suit  -

**2 AS-IS Dresses -

**Embroidered Pink Silk Satin Oriental style Dress, made in the 1960s with fabric that was brought home from India in the 1940s -

**1950s Plus Size Blue Taffeta Dress and Jacket set -

1920s and 1930s linen dresses, 1940s suit, 2 larger sized 1950s dresses, Mollie Parnis 1980s dress and fab early 60s swimsuit.

1920s White Linen Summer Dress with Lattice Trim and Bow -  SOLD!!

1930s White Linen Summer Dress 33 bust -

Fab 1940s Cinnamon Brown Rayon suit with short sleeves -

1980s Mollie Parnis Rayon Print Dress -
1960s Chartreuse Tropical Floral Silk Dress with Split Sleeves -  SOLD!!

1950s XL Silk Print Dress with Sheer Stripes - Sold!

Super awesome fantastic early 1960s swimsuit -

1950s Brocade Dress with Big Shawl Collar, large size -


20 Vintage hats just added to the website, plus some little goodies

20 Vintage hats just added to the website -

See 10 at this link -

and 10 more here -

Mostly 1950-60s hats - straws, flowers and a fab pale peach feather hat. Also a few 1980s hats including 2 berets and 2 dark burgundy and green felt hats.
There is also a purple satin hat that was part of a dance costume from the 1930-40s and a fun 1950s ruffled satin sleeping bonnet to wear over your curlers.

Also - a 1960s Plastic Mermaid on Dolphin, Lily of the Valley Liddle Kiddle Doll and a Lucy Locket 1940s doll -

A 1920s Steel beaded purse and a 1930-40s Grand Canyon Photo souvenir compact -

Pre-1920s Millinery feathers -