Vintage coats, Dresses and Hats just added to the website


Just added to the website - click the links below to see the fresh vintage stock -
  • 6 Vintage Coats - Cashmere, tweedy wool, lightweight wool, textured wool, a coat with cape sleeves and a brocade cape.
  • 2 More coats - One is a blackbrown faux fur and the other a grey wool with fur collar
  • 3 Dressy Dresses - a black chiffon paisley print maxi dress, a Pink Dress suit and custom Hong Kong Satin Dress set
  • 3 Vintage Day Dresses - two 1960s dresses and a late 1960s maxi gown - I don't know, would you consider that more of a dressy dress?
  • 15 Vintage hats - from 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, great styles!


A peek at today's vintage stock purchase

Today I made a nice size vintage stock purchase! The call came out of the blue from someone that I had bought from a year or so ago, and then didn't hear from again until today. She stopped by just as a storm started this afternoon, with boxes of goodies for me to go through.

I ended up with 55 hats from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
10 purses, (5 of which I am trying to resist keeping for myself)
32 dresses, mostly from the mid to late 1960s and a few later.
Also a few coats, some lingerie and blouses. Cool. I really needed a nice stock purchase to give me some things to keep busy with over the Winter.

My dad was in the hospital recently and is recovering very well now. But we have doctor appointments, a visiting nurse and physical therapy, so it's been hard for me to get time to work on the vintage the past 2 weeks.
I'm hoping to dive into working on some of this fresh stock Friday, so watch for updates in a few days. I'd love to dive into the hats first, because they are so easy to list, but the website is in desperate need of dresses, so I should try to get to those first.

Gus is checking out the new vintage hats too.


Finally a website update! Dresses, Seymour Fox suit, berets and bedjackets

Just added to the website -