Website update - Finally! Victorian, 1920s, 1930s & 1940s items

This week I was able to work on some fresh stock for the website! Finally. Everything this week is 1940s and older - 

* Victorian - 1920s Items - Victorian Cape and Plush Silk Coat, Partial Edwardian dress, 1920s Green Silk Nightgown, 2 fine cotton chemises, Beaded rope necklace and a long woven table runner

* 5 items from the 1930s - A floral chiffon dress, a black embroidered gown, pink silk pajamas, a girl's dress and silk panties

Also, I marked down some vintage and moved the items to -  2 Clearance Pages 

Next week . . .  Vintage Jewelry for the etsy shop 


An Update on Updates

Hello Everyone!

I haven't added new stock to the website in several weeks because my Mother has been in the hospital since June 28th. We spent 3 weeks trekking 3 hours back and forth into Philly everyday (stressful and exhausting) now she's in a rehabilitation center closer to home. She's gaining strength and hopefully she'll be closer to her previous abilities by the time that she is released - we don't know when that will be yet.

I am still very much open for business! There are no delays with responding to orders or with getting orders shipped.   I even ran a sale during the beginning of her hospital stay, which was pretty busy.
I just haven't had time to clean, iron, prep etc. fresh vintage for updates. Instead I've been listing smaller items on etsy and pulling stock that has been on the website for a while and moving it to etsy.

I'm gathering fresh vintage stock and I plan on getting back to regular website updates soon.