2 Folk Art/Tramp Art items and Fiesta, Harlequin & Roseville Pottery

This week I listed some things for my parents on the website. There are several pottery pieces by Homer Laughlin and Roseville, and an unmarkered pottery smoke-stack ashtray.
Plus there are 2 very cool handmade Tramp Art items - one is a Toilet that doubles as a cigarette dispenser and an ashtray and a Vanity type box made by a military man stationed in West Africa in 1943. It has amazing handcut and inlaid wood with his name, location, date and many symbols. It has a small drawer and you could put either a mirror or photo in the top.

Please check them all out here -

I also added some patterns, pattern related items and a fab pair of 1940s shoes to my etsy shop -

I should be back with a regular update next week.

Bye for now, Carol