Vintage dresses, catalogs and girdles just added to the site


Just added vintage slips, Fabrics, Kewpie pages and 2 black sweaters

Just added to the website -


Small vintate stuff - boudoir dolls, lingerie fabric and accessories, figurines and decorative items

Just added to the website -
  • 8 vintage decorative items Stamped felt dresser scarf, 2 boudoir dolls, an embroidered velvet Victorian box, a set of resin dolphins, an Oriental couple, barkcloth pillow cover and a hat stand.
  • 7 Small accessories - Christmas Pixie, a group of vintage barrettes, 3 Spoolies, shoe trees, folding comb and a Lucite purse handle.

  • Vintage Paper Items - a 1931 diary, early 1940s Walter Field catalog, several Rose O'Neill Kewpie pages from the 1910s-20s

  • 4 small items from the 1930s - Brassiere hooks on card, 3 packs of corset lacing, black lace belt with pretty rhinestone buckle that has clear green center and lacey lingerie elastic.

  • 2 1920s Silk lingerie Fabrics - nile green and coral-ly-pink


    24 pieces of Antique Baby clothing just added to the website

    This week I added 24 pieces of antique baby clothing from the 1800s to the 1940s, plus a newer faux fur kitty muff.

    12 pieces here - fancy slip, sveral dresses, blue doll's dress, boy's union suit and fleece breeches 

    12 more pieces here - several more slips in cotton and wool, dated 1884 boy's union suit with button back.



    Just added Edwardian and Victorian Items, 1930s dress and beach pajamas and more!

    Just added to the website -

    1930s Silk Beach Pyjamas, 1930s Linen Dress and a Bakelite and beading purse

    Sterling Christmas Ornaments

    As-Is items from the 1930s