Vintage Fabrics, Ribbons and Fashion Service magazines added to the etsy shop

Several pieces of Vintage Cotton fabrics - 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Includes several sample pieces of novelty print fabric by Everlast, 3 yards of Grandma Moses' 'Williamstown' in blue toile barkcloth, calico, dress fabric etc. Also several spools of vintage seam binding ribbons

3 Fashion Service magazines from 1929

Vintage Suits & Skirts added to the website

Recently added to the website (you'll see them on etsy too)

Vintage skirts from the 1950s to 1960s

2 1950s Tailored Suits - one has a removable cape

A few Fantastic 1940s Hats Wool and Chiffon with Fur . . .

Today I added 5 very cool 1940s hats to the etsy shop. All are black with some fur trim, one is all Persian Lamb fur, one is chiffon with fur. All are topper or tilt styles

see them here -  1940s Black hats, fantastic


Beautiful Vintage Wedding Hankies - just added to the website

14 Vintage Wedding Hankies -  very pretty vintage hankies, perfect for a wedding, or just a pretty keepsakes. Each with pretty laces and hand done embroidery, appliques, eyelet and drawn thread work.