Vintage Dresses, Lingerie, Hats & more just added

Just added to the etsy shop & website -

Vintage Lingerie - Nylon and rayon slips and nightgowns and wrap robes

Vintage Dresses from the 1950s and 1960s - mostly black, slightly dressy to cocktail style. Includes a black velvet skirt

Antique Lingerie -  1920s nightgown, Edwardian Corset Cover & Petticoat, plus a group of antique at pins

Two Long Dresses from the 1970-80s - Mexican Tuck and Lace dress and floral Prairie dress

Vintage Hats and Hat Pins - several really fab 1940s and 1950s  hats and a few lots of vintage hats pins

Antique Laces & Dress remnants  

Vintage Lace and fabrics - 1950s


Vintage Dresses, Cute Miniature Dogs & Animals & Linen lots in the etsy shop

Recently added to the etsy shop - 

Several lots of cheap linens - tablecloths and napkins, all good, just priced cheap to move them out of here to make room for other things. 

Miniature animals - dogs, raccoons, donkeys, deer etc. I found these in a drawer at the house clean-
out that we went to a few weeks ago. I don't usually buy this type of stock, but they were so cute. 

Vintage Dresses - mostly smaller sized 1950s dresses. Also a 1960s peasant blouse and an XS 1930s costume top