Camisoles, Camisoles, Camisoles

Just added to the website -

** 11 Camisoles - mostly 1970-90s, assorted sizes and colors
** 16 more vintage camisoles - red, navy, black, white and burgundy.


1950s Navy Suit Dress and Accessories

All items are currently available at

#SUIT-301- Short Sleeved Blue-Black Tailored Suit - $50.00

#GLOVES-969- Navy Cotton Gloves with Fabric Knot - $10.00

 #HANKY-204- Paisley Silk Hanky - $6.00

 #VB-197- Dark Navy Clutch - $15.00

#VH-694- Navy Straw Pancake Hat - $25.00

#JEWELRY-161- Hobe Sterling Rose Pin - $18.00

 #SHOE-120- Navy Nylon Mesh Shoes - $25.00


1950s Black and White Polka Dotted Dress and accessories

All items are currently available at Dandelion Vintage -

Black and White Polka Dot Full Skirted Dress - $75.00

White Cotton Gloves with Eyelet Flowers - $8.00

#JEWELRY-268- Lady Walking Dog Pin - $12.00

#VB-452- Woven Ivory Straw Purse by Block - $18.00

#VH-453- Wide Brim Straw Hat w/Black Rose - $30.00

#HANKY-212- Chartruese Black and Peach Floral Hanky - $12.00

#JEWELRY-94- White Beads Expandable Bracelet - $12.00


Vintage purses andstockings just added to the website

Just added to the website -

  • 10 vintage purses - Box purses, 1940s Alligator purse, Tooled Leather, Clear Vinyl with Gold Confetti and others
  • 10 pairs of stockings - A bit of a variety of styles and ages - Seamed, Black Foot, seamless, knee highs and pantyhose, plus 3 pairs of as-is 1930-40s fancy black rayon stockings