Vintage Linens, Aprons, Hankies, Sweaters and 2 1950s Gowns - added to the etsy shop

This week I added items to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop -

* 4 Vintage aprons - 2 from the 1930s the other 2 are cool novelty prints from the 1960s

* 7 Pieces of vintage linens - Crochet doilies, embroidered linen doilies and dish towels - including a cool novelty embroidered towel

* 3 vintage hankies - including Little Girl's Brownie hanky and Ballerina hanky

* 3 vintage sweaters - Beaded turquoise, Darlene Angora and a floral print

* Plus 2 Fabulous 1950s Gowns - White tulle with Beaded and Rhinestones satin appliques, and a    blue and white chiffon ruffled gown


Vintage nightgowns added to the website and etsy shop - rayon, nylon and cotton, several larger sizes

* A 1930s Silk Crepe Nightgown - with issues

* 3 nightgowns from the 1940s - cotton and rayon (the rayon gowns have issues)

* 7 Nylon Nightgowns and Robes - from the 1950s and 1960s

* 5 Plus Size Nightgowns - rayon and nylon 42+ inch bust

Also 6 Vintage Rayon, Nylon and Cotton Nightgowns added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop 

Vintage Jewelry just added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop

This week I added 24 pieces of vintage Jewelry to the etsy shop. Items are  from the early 1900s to the 1950s - rhinestones, bakelite, cinnabar, crystals, bracelets, dress clips, necklaces and earrings

Check them out in the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop