A bunch of small vintage items added to the website - hankies, linens, scarves, hats, trims etc.

This week I worked on 50 small vintage items for the website; vintage hankies, scarves, linens, lace trims, hats, purses, millinery feathers and a few old items.

See the vintage goodies on the 'What's New' page on the website - Dandelion Vintage 

4 of the scarves went to the Dandelion Vintage Esty shop


Vintage linens added to the website & etsy shop

This week I added 19 pieces of vintage linen items to both the website and etsy shop - crochet items, pillowcases, dish towels, runners etc.


Fresh stock added (lingerie & evening gowns) & New website layout launched!

This week I launched the new layout for the website! I have most of the items from the old layout moved, and I'm very happy with the new set-up, still tweaking here and there. Hopefully I have everything set up correctly. I haven't redirected the URL yet, so the front page of the old website is still up, but linking to everything in the new layout. You can also access the new website directly here -

Usually this time of the year I don't list any fresh stock on the website because people are busy Christmas shopping and not buying much vintage. But I wanted to try out new things on the new website and figure out how I was going to set that up and I'm still deciding whether I should keep this blog or switch over to their blog. I also have to change how I do the mailing list in case I dump my old website host and email server.

So here is a nice update with some pretty lingerie from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. And several eveing gowns from the 1930s and 1940s, including gowns by Pattullo-Jo Copland and Jane Engel

Just added to the new website


A new look for Dandelion Vintage, coming sometime soon!

This month my website will celebrate 18 years online! I can't believe that I've been selling vintage for so long, I'm very lucky, I love it.
This year I've been reaccessing my vintage business, selling online has changed so much over the years. This Summer I started moving a lot of my stock from the website to etsy because that's where the vintage has been selling well for me. I moved over 250 pieces to etsy and most of my weekly fresh stock has been going to etsy since Summer. I've seen several other vintage websites - who started around the same time as me - moving all of their website stock to etsy, and I was headed in that direction too. But what if etsy starts tanking for me? Then I have an empty and outdated website. So I decided to update my website and move to a more e-commerce base and mobile friendly set-up.

I've chosen a new web host and I'm in the process of moving all of my website stock to the new site. Each item has to be moved individually and there's a lot of info to add for each piece. But I'm moving along pretty smoothly now. I have about 500 pieces to move and I keep tweaking the look of the site. Once I have everything moved, the new website will go live, probably within a week.

Here are some screenshot sneak previews -

The front page of the site, I'm keeping my logo with Florence and Muriel, love those gals, and I've had that lace background for 15 years or so, I still love that.
It's the technology that will be changing on the website.
The categories will run across the top of the main page and some of them have drop-down menus when you hover over them.
The shopping cart will take you directly to PayPal. I've always preferred doing a personalized invoice myself, but people prefer quick processing so you will have it now. You'll be able to register an account to sign in to place orders and to check on the status of your order, plus there is a Wish List that you can save your dream wardrobe to. Check out the search button!

Further down the page will show some featured items, and then some of the most recently added items.

If you click on one of the main categories, for example Lingerie, you'll be able to see all of the lingerie that I have listed. Or you can choose something specific from the drop down, like Slips. 

This is the individual page for each item. Add it to the cart, save to your Wish List or share it on social medias.

I'll also have a main category for 'Size' this will have a drop-down with choices for bust size. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Check back for the launch date!