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Hurricane Sandy update

We made it through Hurricane Sandy just fine here, Thankfully.
Gus, Harlow and I left Strathmere Saturday morning after battening down everything. We spent the storm in The Woods. We were without electric for 6 hours on Monday and 20 hours on Tuesday. My Dad has a generator that we used to run the fridge and a small heater for a few hours at a time. Our stove is gas so we were able to light it manually to cook.
No flooding or damage here in The Woods. The vintage is on the 2nd floor above the garage, so that was super high and dry.

It was 2 days before we could back to check on Strathmere. In Strathmere we were very lucky as well. The town was flooded 1 to 3+ feet in all streets except ours, which apparently is the highest street in town. The water came from the bay though, not the Ocean. Beach dunes were not breached and the beach held up well with minor erosion.

No major damage to any homes in Strathmere. Thankfully we didn't see damage like many towns north of us had. Half of the homes in our town probably got water in them, mostly lower level living spaces and garages. Luckily we are about 4 feet above ground level so we didn't get any water in our house and we don't have a garage. Strathmere is now in the process of cleaning out.

Needless to say, I've been focused on Sandy all week and posting info and photos on the Strathmere blog - - for people to see. Which means that I didn't get any vintage work done this week, so there won't be any fresh vintage stock added to the website this week.

Bye for now, Carol

My house during the Noon low tide on Monday 10/29