Fresh antiques & vintage added to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - pottery inkwells from the 1800s and liquor bottles from the 1920-30s

Antique Laces and Dress trims - Victorian to Edwardian and a 1920s beaded purse

Vintage Hats & Purse - 1930-40s hats and 1960s plush brocade purse


Antique pottery, vintage dresses and linens

This week I added a bunch of vintage goodies to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - Inkwells and banks from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Collectible and decor items including 2 old rulers, a small boot candy container, glass lamp globes, vintage tins and a novelty whiskey flask.

17 Piece Hankie Lot - white with lace edges

4 Vintage Dresses - includes a 1940s pinafore, 1950s dress with watteau panel, 1960s black wool dress and 1980s plaid with full skirt