1940s Lingerie, 1930s Beaded Purses and 1950-60s purses

** Three white rayon satin lingerie pieces from the 1940s - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/40-3.html

** Two slips from the 1950s - One is nylon satin bias cut full slip and the other is a nylon half slip with 6+ inch wide sheer embroidered trim -  http://www.dandelionvintage.com/16c.html

** Five little Purses from the 1930s - Beaded and sequins - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/30-2.html

** Six Purses from the 1950s & 1960s - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/12c.html


1930s and 1940s Gowns in Yellow, Blue and Mauve. Vintage gloves

**Two 1940s Yellow chiffon gowns. One has shirring on the bodice the other has embroidery and shoulder scarves that hang down the back - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/40-3.html

** From the 1930s - Blue Print Taffeta gown with dark pink trim, floor length blue slip and a Mauve Lace Gown and Jacket - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/30-2.html

** 15 pairs of vintage gloves - cotton and leather - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/gloves8.html
**8 more pairs of vintage ladies gloves - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/gloves9.html



Just added - Carolyn Schnurer and McMullen dresses and vintage slips, plus novelty print fabrics

3 Cotton Days dresses, one is a strapless dress with attached shawl by Carolyn Schnurer and 2 cotton prints by McMullen - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/6b.html

14 Vintage slips - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/16a5.html

5 more vintage slips -  http://www.dandelionvintage.com/16aa.html

Also, I added some cute novelty print fabrics to my etsy shop. They aren't vintage, but they are from my own fabric stash and they 10-15+ years old. Some very cute discontinued prints - St. Patrick's Day ladies and leprechauns, lady bugs, Mucha type ladies in 2 different colors, Fairies, several cherubs and a lily pond print.
Check them out here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/dandelionvintage?section_id=5426950