Vintage Cashmere sweaters and camisoles

Just added to the website -

** 6 Vintage Cashmere sweaters from the 1960s -
Includes a Lee Collins sweater that has velvet pussy willow appliques and a dark pink cowl neck sweater by Bonnie Cashin, and others by Pringle, Ballantyne and Braemar

**12 Camisoles and lingerie tops -

1930s Dresses and Pajamas, 1940s Tailored Jacket and 2 Black Lace Dresses

From the 1930s - Brown Crepe Dress Set, Magenta and Blue Crepe Dress and Embroidered Orange Satin Oriental Pajamas -

From the 1940s - 2 tailored Jackets -

2 Black Lace Dresses - one from the 1950s and the other is a 1960s Lace Shift -

A whole bunch of vintage slips


22 Vintage slips from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s just added to the website -

3 XL half slips -

14 Full and Half slips, includes a full length full slip, and others half slips in several pretty colors -

5 More vintage slips in aqua, red, blue and pink -


'Novel Touches' - Accessories and decor hand crafted from vintage supplies and findings.

This Summer I've been feeling kinda crafty and I've been doing some sewing on Saturdays. I opened an etsy shop and called it 'Novel Touches' to sell the items.
All items are hand sewn and made from scraps of vintage fabrics, laces, millinery flowers and feathers. Please check out the shop -


A few items from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s - Dresses, Embroidered Blouse and Tailored Jacket

1920s Grey and Purple Silk Dress and Embroidered Silk and Lace Blouse -

A 1930s Dusty Peach Embroidered Lace Dress - fits 33 inch bust -

1940s XL Bow Print Rayon Dress -

1940s Slips, Tiered Navy Crepe Dress and a Fab Tailored Jacket -

A dress and suit from the early 1950s -