Vintage Linens added to the etsy shop - Dishtowels, Tablecloths, Crochet, Runners, Doilies

This week I added over 30 pieces of vintage linens to the etsy shop - novelty print dish towels including a few Christmas ones, small tablecloths, table runners, doilies, pillowcases and more -

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Dandelion Vintage etsy Shop 


Vintage Dresses from the early 1960s just added to etsy

This week I added 12 dresses from the early 1960s to the etsy shop. From casual to dressy

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Dandelion Vintage on etsy 

I recently bought about 30 dresses from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, over 300+ pieces of vintage linens (crochet doilies, table cloths, linen dishtowels etc.)  and 50-some early 1960s dresses. So that will keep me busy for a while! Plus, there will be a holiday sale soon, watch for details.


More Fab Vintage added to the etsy shop - Edwradian & 1920s Lingerie, 1940s Pajamas, Ferman O'Grady, 1920s dress, fur capes

Some fab items just added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy Shop 

Edwardian Cotton Nightgowns, 1920s Sheer Dark Blue Dress with Inset Lace, 1920s silk & batistes chemises, Set of 2 1930s sheer mesh Maid Aprons unused with NRA label, 1950s Ferman O'Grady Cocktail dress, 1940s Blue & Pink Floral Rayon Pajamas, 1950s White Fur Wrap, 1940s Black Fur Cape and a long 1940s Peplum Top with silver sequins.


Vintage 1940s Denim Coveralls WWII Workwear Uniform, 36 38 bust, Rosie the Riveter - on ebay

Just listed on ebay - 1940s Ladies Denim Coveralls 

The real deal, not a repro - Fantastic one piece WWII women's coveralls in dark blue denim. The shirt buttons down the front to waist, then it buttons into the waistband across the front of the pants. On the back the shirt is loose and just tucks into the waistband of the pants. Full length sleeves with fitted cuffs with a button on each. Small shoulder pads.  There are also hidden buttons on the sides in each pocket, this should allow you to drop the seat of the pants for bathroom breaks during the workday. There is an embroidered 'Victory Volunteers' patch on the single pocket.  


ebay Listings - As Is items - Victorian, 1920s 1930s & 1940s - Plus Progressive Tailor magazines

Dandelion Vintage on ebay   (hey, click that link to go to the auctions)

This week I've listed several items on ebay.
First there are 4 issues of The Progressive Tailor magazine from 1938, 1939 & 1940. This is a hard to find magazine from the tailoring trade. I found these during a house clean out that we did last year. The late homeowner had been a tailor in the 1930-50s. They are loaded with ads and info on running a tailoring business and each has many detailed drafts with the latest details in menswear - pants, suit etc.

Next I have several AS-IS older items. Fur coats from Victorian, 1920s & 1940s. A Brown lace dress and black velvet cape from the 1930s, a fringed gown and XL blue dress from the 1940s plus a group lot of damaged items and a Blue Velvet & Rhinestone gown from the 1920s. Please read the descriptions carefully for the flaws. I think that most are beyond repair, or fixable only in the hands of a professional restorer. Still nice collection display pieces.

More items coming tonight on ebay, including a super special 1940s item!