A bunch of small vintage items added to the website - hankies, linens, scarves, hats, trims etc.

This week I worked on 50 small vintage items for the website; vintage hankies, scarves, linens, lace trims, hats, purses, millinery feathers and a few old items.

See the vintage goodies on the 'What's New' page on the website - Dandelion Vintage 

4 of the scarves went to the Dandelion Vintage Esty shop


Vintage linens added to the website & etsy shop

This week I added 19 pieces of vintage linen items to both the website and etsy shop - crochet items, pillowcases, dish towels, runners etc.


Fresh stock added (lingerie & evening gowns) & New website layout launched!

This week I launched the new layout for the website! I have most of the items from the old layout moved, and I'm very happy with the new set-up, still tweaking here and there. Hopefully I have everything set up correctly. I haven't redirected the URL yet, so the front page of the old website is still up, but linking to everything in the new layout. You can also access the new website directly here -

Usually this time of the year I don't list any fresh stock on the website because people are busy Christmas shopping and not buying much vintage. But I wanted to try out new things on the new website and figure out how I was going to set that up and I'm still deciding whether I should keep this blog or switch over to their blog. I also have to change how I do the mailing list in case I dump my old website host and email server.

So here is a nice update with some pretty lingerie from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. And several eveing gowns from the 1930s and 1940s, including gowns by Pattullo-Jo Copland and Jane Engel

Just added to the new website


A new look for Dandelion Vintage, coming sometime soon!

This month my website will celebrate 18 years online! I can't believe that I've been selling vintage for so long, I'm very lucky, I love it.
This year I've been reaccessing my vintage business, selling online has changed so much over the years. This Summer I started moving a lot of my stock from the website to etsy because that's where the vintage has been selling well for me. I moved over 250 pieces to etsy and most of my weekly fresh stock has been going to etsy since Summer. I've seen several other vintage websites - who started around the same time as me - moving all of their website stock to etsy, and I was headed in that direction too. But what if etsy starts tanking for me? Then I have an empty and outdated website. So I decided to update my website and move to a more e-commerce base and mobile friendly set-up.

I've chosen a new web host and I'm in the process of moving all of my website stock to the new site. Each item has to be moved individually and there's a lot of info to add for each piece. But I'm moving along pretty smoothly now. I have about 500 pieces to move and I keep tweaking the look of the site. Once I have everything moved, the new website will go live, probably within a week.

Here are some screenshot sneak previews -

The front page of the site, I'm keeping my logo with Florence and Muriel, love those gals, and I've had that lace background for 15 years or so, I still love that.
It's the technology that will be changing on the website.
The categories will run across the top of the main page and some of them have drop-down menus when you hover over them.
The shopping cart will take you directly to PayPal. I've always preferred doing a personalized invoice myself, but people prefer quick processing so you will have it now. You'll be able to register an account to sign in to place orders and to check on the status of your order, plus there is a Wish List that you can save your dream wardrobe to. Check out the search button!

Further down the page will show some featured items, and then some of the most recently added items.

If you click on one of the main categories, for example Lingerie, you'll be able to see all of the lingerie that I have listed. Or you can choose something specific from the drop down, like Slips. 

This is the individual page for each item. Add it to the cart, save to your Wish List or share it on social medias.

I'll also have a main category for 'Size' this will have a drop-down with choices for bust size. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Check back for the launch date!


Vintage Linens added to the etsy shop - Dishtowels, Tablecloths, Crochet, Runners, Doilies

This week I added over 30 pieces of vintage linens to the etsy shop - novelty print dish towels including a few Christmas ones, small tablecloths, table runners, doilies, pillowcases and more -

click here to check them out -
Dandelion Vintage etsy Shop 


Vintage Dresses from the early 1960s just added to etsy

This week I added 12 dresses from the early 1960s to the etsy shop. From casual to dressy

see them here -
Dandelion Vintage on etsy 

I recently bought about 30 dresses from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, over 300+ pieces of vintage linens (crochet doilies, table cloths, linen dishtowels etc.)  and 50-some early 1960s dresses. So that will keep me busy for a while! Plus, there will be a holiday sale soon, watch for details.


More Fab Vintage added to the etsy shop - Edwradian & 1920s Lingerie, 1940s Pajamas, Ferman O'Grady, 1920s dress, fur capes

Some fab items just added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy Shop 

Edwardian Cotton Nightgowns, 1920s Sheer Dark Blue Dress with Inset Lace, 1920s silk & batistes chemises, Set of 2 1930s sheer mesh Maid Aprons unused with NRA label, 1950s Ferman O'Grady Cocktail dress, 1940s Blue & Pink Floral Rayon Pajamas, 1950s White Fur Wrap, 1940s Black Fur Cape and a long 1940s Peplum Top with silver sequins.


Vintage 1940s Denim Coveralls WWII Workwear Uniform, 36 38 bust, Rosie the Riveter - on ebay

Just listed on ebay - 1940s Ladies Denim Coveralls 

The real deal, not a repro - Fantastic one piece WWII women's coveralls in dark blue denim. The shirt buttons down the front to waist, then it buttons into the waistband across the front of the pants. On the back the shirt is loose and just tucks into the waistband of the pants. Full length sleeves with fitted cuffs with a button on each. Small shoulder pads.  There are also hidden buttons on the sides in each pocket, this should allow you to drop the seat of the pants for bathroom breaks during the workday. There is an embroidered 'Victory Volunteers' patch on the single pocket.  


ebay Listings - As Is items - Victorian, 1920s 1930s & 1940s - Plus Progressive Tailor magazines

Dandelion Vintage on ebay   (hey, click that link to go to the auctions)

This week I've listed several items on ebay.
First there are 4 issues of The Progressive Tailor magazine from 1938, 1939 & 1940. This is a hard to find magazine from the tailoring trade. I found these during a house clean out that we did last year. The late homeowner had been a tailor in the 1930-50s. They are loaded with ads and info on running a tailoring business and each has many detailed drafts with the latest details in menswear - pants, suit etc.

Next I have several AS-IS older items. Fur coats from Victorian, 1920s & 1940s. A Brown lace dress and black velvet cape from the 1930s, a fringed gown and XL blue dress from the 1940s plus a group lot of damaged items and a Blue Velvet & Rhinestone gown from the 1920s. Please read the descriptions carefully for the flaws. I think that most are beyond repair, or fixable only in the hands of a professional restorer. Still nice collection display pieces.

More items coming tonight on ebay, including a super special 1940s item!


Vintage Lots added to the etsy shop - Year End Clearance Lots

It's that time of year again - near the end of each year I go through the Dandelion Vintage stock room and gather all the vintage items that have been pushed aside and piling up and sort them into lots, and price them to (hopefully) sell quickly.
The lots are damaged items, clearance items and 'How did I end up with this stuff?' items.

This year I posted them in the etsy shop. As-IS Dresses, gloves, accessories and lingerie. Resale/Wholesale lots of dresses, lingerie, linens, maxi dresses and jewelry. 18 lots in all

Please keep in mind the shipping costs because the boxes can be heavy.

Year End Lots - on Dandelion Vintage etsy shop 


Many vintage items added to the etsy shop

Over the last 2 weeks I've added a bunch of vintage stuff to the etsy shop - vintage purses, linens, tablecloths, fabrics, photos, magazines, a group of Religious items, Antique Christmas ornaments, and several lots of damaged vintage clothing items (with more lots to come)

Dandelion Vintage on etsy 

(much more than just what's shown below)


18 Vintage dresses just added to the etsy shop - 1930s, to 1960s

This week I added 18 vintage dresses to the etsy shop -

A 1930s Organdy Gown
A 1940s Velvet Wedding Gown,
2 1940s dresses with some issues (Ivory crepe & Red velvet)
2 XL 1950s dresses
2 Black Party or Cocktail dresses from the 1950s
10 Cute Day affordable dresses from the late 1950s to early/mid 1960s

Check out the   Dandelion Vintage etsy shop 


Vintage items added to the etsy shop

* 13 Vintage Linen Items - An older tape lace tablecloth, the other is a 1950s Florida State tablecloth, several vintage hankies, embroidered dresser scarves and a cut Dog & Kitty Embroidered pillow cover

* 5 antique laces - yardage and appliques, pre 1940s

* 8 Vintage Hats - 4 from the 1980s, a sequin band hat and a mink band hat from the 1950s, and a men's hat from the 1960s.

* 3 pre-1920s items - Victorian millinery feathers, little girl's stockings, a silk purse and laces

* a 32B circle stitch bullet bra

* 1940s Novelty Print Hankies - Gone With the Wind & Scotland Scottie Dog


Many Super Fantastic Items added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop

* A Rare Edwardian Lingerie Piece - All silk, one piece Camisole &  Bloomers Combination.

 *  7 items from the 1930s-1940s - A 1930s chiffon dress, an XXS embroidered Peasant Blouse, a Mickey Around the House Dress, 3 rayon slips (one is 44 inch bust) and a rayon jersey chemise.

* 7 items from the 1950s -  including 2 more fab tulle gowns,  a cashmere sweater, and Adele Simpson suit with fur collar, a taffeta halter dress with jacket and 2 cute cotton day dresses


Vintage Linens, Aprons, Hankies, Sweaters and 2 1950s Gowns - added to the etsy shop

This week I added items to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop -

* 4 Vintage aprons - 2 from the 1930s the other 2 are cool novelty prints from the 1960s

* 7 Pieces of vintage linens - Crochet doilies, embroidered linen doilies and dish towels - including a cool novelty embroidered towel

* 3 vintage hankies - including Little Girl's Brownie hanky and Ballerina hanky

* 3 vintage sweaters - Beaded turquoise, Darlene Angora and a floral print

* Plus 2 Fabulous 1950s Gowns - White tulle with Beaded and Rhinestones satin appliques, and a    blue and white chiffon ruffled gown


Vintage nightgowns added to the website and etsy shop - rayon, nylon and cotton, several larger sizes

* A 1930s Silk Crepe Nightgown - with issues

* 3 nightgowns from the 1940s - cotton and rayon (the rayon gowns have issues)

* 7 Nylon Nightgowns and Robes - from the 1950s and 1960s

* 5 Plus Size Nightgowns - rayon and nylon 42+ inch bust

Also 6 Vintage Rayon, Nylon and Cotton Nightgowns added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop 

Vintage Jewelry just added to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop

This week I added 24 pieces of vintage Jewelry to the etsy shop. Items are  from the early 1900s to the 1950s - rhinestones, bakelite, cinnabar, crystals, bracelets, dress clips, necklaces and earrings

Check them out in the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop 


Website update - Finally! Victorian, 1920s, 1930s & 1940s items

This week I was able to work on some fresh stock for the website! Finally. Everything this week is 1940s and older - 

* Victorian - 1920s Items - Victorian Cape and Plush Silk Coat, Partial Edwardian dress, 1920s Green Silk Nightgown, 2 fine cotton chemises, Beaded rope necklace and a long woven table runner

* 5 items from the 1930s - A floral chiffon dress, a black embroidered gown, pink silk pajamas, a girl's dress and silk panties

Also, I marked down some vintage and moved the items to -  2 Clearance Pages 

Next week . . .  Vintage Jewelry for the etsy shop 


An Update on Updates

Hello Everyone!

I haven't added new stock to the website in several weeks because my Mother has been in the hospital since June 28th. We spent 3 weeks trekking 3 hours back and forth into Philly everyday (stressful and exhausting) now she's in a rehabilitation center closer to home. She's gaining strength and hopefully she'll be closer to her previous abilities by the time that she is released - we don't know when that will be yet.

I am still very much open for business! There are no delays with responding to orders or with getting orders shipped.   I even ran a sale during the beginning of her hospital stay, which was pretty busy.
I just haven't had time to clean, iron, prep etc. fresh vintage for updates. Instead I've been listing smaller items on etsy and pulling stock that has been on the website for a while and moving it to etsy.

I'm gathering fresh vintage stock and I plan on getting back to regular website updates soon.


Dandelion Vintage Summer Sale - 20% off of all stock - ends 7/21

20% off of all stock on the website and in the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop - 

* No codes to enter - the discount will be subtracted in the shopping cart on the website and the discount is already reflected in the price in the etsy shop.

* Regular shipping charged apply. Purchases from the website and the etsy shop can be combined to ship together.

*Payment is due within 24 hours, no lay-a-ways or extended holds.

* The 20% discount cannot be combined with any other promotion.

20% off sale - 
Dandelion Vintage website

Dandelion Vintage etsy shop

Sale ends 7/21


Just added a bunch of little vintage goodies to the etsy shop

This past week I've been adding small vintage odds-n-ends to the etsy shop - some vintage jewelry, an antique fur piece, baby wool stockings, purse frames and purses, Liddle Kiddle look-a-like dollies, Beatles trade cards, some souvenir items from 1940s Italy & France, gloves, glassware and agate ware, a group of vintage scissors and sewing machine accessories for sewers and sets of home perm rods and clips.

Check them out in the etsy shop -
Dandelion Vintage on Etsy 

1920s Organdy Dress, 1920s, 1930s & 1940s Lingerie

Just added to the website (click links to see listings)

** 1920s - Organdy Floral Dress, Silk and Cotton Teddies

** 1930s Peach Silk Slip 38 Bust 

** 1940s Blue rayon nightgown, and Blue floral Plisse Dressing Gown

** 1940s - 7 sz32A bras and 9 pairs of Small/ Medium Rayon Panties


This week - Fancy Blouses, Shorts, Skorts, Skirts and Groovy Pants added to the website and etsy shop

On the website -
4 Vintage XL Size Blouses - nylon, pleats, lace, ruffles and flowers, 44 bust

Vintage Blouses and wool Skirt - 1950s and 1960s nylon and polyester blouses and a 1970s wool skirt

Plus more blouses & skirts along with shorts and a cool pair of embroidered flared pants were added to the Dandelion Vintage Etsy shop 


24 Vintage Hats just added to the website

24 Vintage hats from the late 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s have just been added to the website. Most are Summery styles in straw and flowers -

7 Vintage Hats here 

17 Vintage Hats Here 

ebay auctions - menswear, Progressive Tailor magazines, girdles & panties

This week I've listed a bunch of stuff on ebay at auction - 1940-50s men's wear, Progressive Tailor magazines, some Girl Scout items, Edwardian ladies' spats, panties, girdles and more.

Check out my auctions here - Dandelion Vintage on ebay 


A few 1920s and 1930s items

Hello and welcome to a tiny update!
I've been busy with non-vintage work the last 2 weeks, so I haven't had much time for vintage stuff. I have about another week of non-vintage work to do, then I'll be back on the vintage goodies for you.
Here's a tiny update with some things that I picked up recently -

** 5 items from the 1920s - a pretty bird print silk robe, 2 dresses and 2 pieces of lingerie

** 1930s Ivory Silk Panties - XL size!

And as always, please check my Dandelion Vintage etsy shop for many things that are not on the website


1930s, 1940s, 1950s dresses and Sweater set, Victorian & Edwardian coats and a lot of small stuff

This week I added a bunch of stuff to the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop - 1930s eyelet dress, 1940s cotton dresses, 1950s circle skirted dress and 3 pieces sweater set, a Victorian Cape, an Edwardian cape. Plus small vintage items like lots of hankies, some cute linen items, original 1940s movie stills, Victorian hat pins, gloves and more -

See it all here - Dandelion Vintage on etsy