A bunch of great vintage added to the etsy shop!

** Vintage dresses from the 1950s and 1960s - includes a black taffeta ruffled party dress, a Classic Swirl Wrap Dress, a cute 1960s white ruffled party dress and several cute cotton day dresses

** Victorian & Edwardian Clothing Remnants - includes lace necklines, several partial cotton petticoats, silk fabrics from dresses, lingerie, bodices  and skirts

Edwardian Clothing - including lace pieces, a beautiful handmade lace shawl, Edwardian Blouses, A puffed sleeve blouse, a rare Edwardian Maternity Blouse

Antique laces from 1800s to early 1900s 

Vintage Linens - tablecloths, souvenir dishtowels and a group of embroidered guest towels

Vintage hats from the 1940s and 1950s 

Dandelion Vintage Summer Sale - 3 days only

20% off - Summer Sale - 3 Days only! Starts Midnight Monday night and ends 11PM Thursday August 10th
Everything on the website and in the etsy shop will be 20% off. No codes to enter. The discount will be reflected in the price on etsy and it will be subtracted in the shopping cart on the website.  Regular shipping charges apply, no holds or layaways.

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So much new stuff in the Dandelion Vintage shop!!

Here's just a sample of some of the great vintage recently added to the Dandelion Vintage shop and I'm currently adding much more!
1950s dresses, 1960s dress, 1950s shoes, 1940s platform shoes, vintage blouse, antique lace, edwardian lace, Victorian lace

Dandelion Vintage @etsy

I'm currently adding a large collection of antique laces and remnants of Victorian and Edwardian garments.


So much vintage at Dandelion Vintage!

Always check out the Dandelion Vintage etsy shop for the latest  vintage additions. I have no schedule really, I just add the fresh stock at any time now! Sometimes several times a week.

Dandelion Vintage featured in Denisebrain Vintage Fashion blog

If I could have just 8 Vintage Clothing items, what would they be? Maggie from Denisebrain Vintage asked me, and you can see my answers in her 'Desert Island Vintage' feature on her blog -

This was fun, and hard, to narrow it down to just 8 items!


Edwardian & Victorian Clothing, Lace, Ribbons & Dress Trims, 1950s cotton dresses & More!!

Recent additions to the etsy shop (I add things randomly, so check there often!)

Edwardian and Victorian Clothing - includes silk velvet coat, embroidered wool shawl, cotton petticoat with great wide lace, and several great white cotton blouses from the 1900s and 1910s

1950s Items - includes several cute cotton dresses and a very cool golf print knit top (XS size)

Antique Lace & Dress Trims - includes several different antique laces, dress trim, mohair fringe trim, fancy collars and several silk ribbons from the 1900s

5 Vintage fabrics from the 1960-70s - floral yardage and 2 decorator fabric samples


So many goodies at Dandelion Vintage!

I hope that you're checking out my etsy shop regularly, I've been adding a bunch of great vintage goodies over there!
1920s silk slip, 1930s small sized Tuxedo Tails, Victorian cape, Coat & Bodice, 1950s dresses, Antique laces and clothing remnants/trims, lace collars, antique lingerie and baby items and Cheap Vintage Hats!!

Don't miss it on Dandelion Vintage etsy

Also be sure to check out the 50% off Clearance section



Dresses, Linens and more in the etsy shop!

I'm always adding fresh vintage stock to the

Be sure to check it out for some recently added vintage dresses, accessories and vintage tablecloths and other linens


50% off of Clearance items in the etsy shop

Sale!! 50% off of the Clearance Department in my etsy shop

The Sale is only for the items in the Sale Department and the 50% discount is already reflected in the price. No sale on the website.

100 cheap items now included in the 50% off sale - I need to move some older stock out of here! 

click here - 


Fresh antiques & vintage added to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - pottery inkwells from the 1800s and liquor bottles from the 1920-30s

Antique Laces and Dress trims - Victorian to Edwardian and a 1920s beaded purse

Vintage Hats & Purse - 1930-40s hats and 1960s plush brocade purse


Antique pottery, vintage dresses and linens

This week I added a bunch of vintage goodies to the etsy shop - 

Antique Pottery - Inkwells and banks from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Collectible and decor items including 2 old rulers, a small boot candy container, glass lamp globes, vintage tins and a novelty whiskey flask.

17 Piece Hankie Lot - white with lace edges

4 Vintage Dresses - includes a 1940s pinafore, 1950s dress with watteau panel, 1960s black wool dress and 1980s plaid with full skirt


As Is Vintage Clothing Lots

It's that time of year again, time to sort through the damaged items that I've been setting aside during the year and put them in lots and move them out!

AS-IS Vintage Lots -  a lot of hankies, one of scarves, one of 1940s dish towels, one of lingerie. Then there are 5 mixed lots with dresses, blouses, skirts, hats, gloves and purse

Individual AS-IS items -
1940s Black Velvet Opera Coat
1950s Sequin Dress
1950s XL Aqua Dress with Lace and Rhinestones

Edwardian & 1920s Lingerie, Men's Chippewa Jacket, 1960s Ladies Suit and Pants

Edwardian & 1920s Lingerie -  Petticoat, One piece knit union suit, nightgowns,  an as-is Teddy and a 1920s Kimono style robe

Men's Chippewa Wool Plaid Jacket and 3 pairs of Ladies 1950-60s pants

Ladies 1960s Dark Pink Suit - with fur collar and rhinestone buttons

2 Very Large Scarves


19th Anniversary Sale! Coming this week January 11th, 12th, and 13th

Yes, 19 years online! And many more to come. To celebrate I'll be having a 20% off sale - January 11th, 12th and 13th.

20% off of all stock on the website and in the etsy shop.
The discount will be subtracted in the cart on the website and it will already be reflected in the price in the etsy shop - no codes to enter.

Here are the mean, mean rules!
* Regular shipping charges apply, I can combine shipping if you purchase more than 1 item or if you purchase from the etsy shop and the website.
* No early discounts or holds. No discount after the sale ends, no layaway.
* This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupon codes.