2 pieces of vintage jewelry from Dandelion Vintage spotted on Pan Am

I spotted 2 pieces of vintage jewelry from Dandelion Vintage in the 10/23 episode of Pan Am - "One Coin in a Fountain" episode 5.
First, a guest actress wears a dress clip in her hair. She's wearing leopard, so she must be a troublemaking vixen. Looks like she'll be back for more trouble in next week's episode.

Next, one of the lead actresses wears another pin that I sold to the costumers, on her sweater. This scene appears at the end of the episode. Cool.


Pretty Vintage hankies and scarves, dolls, a doll-head hat stand, embroidered pillow tops and items for the boudoir.

** 13 Scarves and Hankies - very pretty prints, includes a black and gold lace mantilla too.

** 10 Pretty Things for The Lady's Boudoir - Dolls, embroidered items, and lingerie bags

Lots of vintage goodies just added to the website !!

2 pairs of ladies 1960s bowling shoes - Excellent and unworn, sz6-1/2 and sz7

Some lingerie -

Excellent 1920s Embroidered Silk Piano Shawl - Black silk with long fringe, beautiful embroidery.

3 Lightweight Jackets - from the 1950-60s

4 Vintage Hat Boxes - and a wire hat stand

5 vintage chenille rugs - and a chenille bedspread

4 vintage fashion paper items - a Berkshire stocking box, 2 large cardboard shopping inserts and an original 1930s fashion drawing.

Vintage purses and some small wholesale lots just added to the website

Just added at Dandelion Vintage -


A vintage outfit from Dandelion Vintage on the new show Pan Am

In August I sold 40+ pieces of clothing, lingerie and jewelry to the costumers for the new ABC show Pan Am.
I thought it would be later in the season before I spotted any of my clothing, but in episode 2, you can catch a very quick glimpse of a red cotton halter top and skirt from my website. Above are two screne grabs of the scene - the co-pilot takes a gal back to his Paris hotel room - and also a photo of the outfit from my website.

Very exciting! I'm looking forward to spotting more of my pieces.