Just added - A Ton O'Dresses! Day Dresses, Dressy, Black and 1960-70s

New for the week of 3/8

  • 8 Day dresses - Kinda Summery, cute shift and a Girl Scout Uniform, 1950-60s
  • 5 Dressy Dresses - Red, gold, lace, brocade and flowers - 1950-60s
  • 4 Black dresses - chiffon, crepe and knit, 1950s-60s
  • 10 Dresses - from the late 1960s to 1970s
  • 7 more dresses - from the late 1960s to 1970s
  • AS-IS Dresses and purses

    Yesterday I sorted through my backstock to make some room around here. I pulled out a bunch of stuff and put them in 7 lots on the wholesale page.
    There is a wedding gown lot, a 1960-70s Lot, two AS-IS clothing lots, a group of 30 slips, some AS-IS lingerie and some 1980s Hats

    Check them out - On the WHOLESALE PAGE

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