Giveaway - Little Vintage Goodies and a Vintage Clothing book!

Hey, how about a giveaway?!
This giveaway will be a hatbox full of little vintage goodies and a book about vintage clothing.
Anyone is able to sign up for the drawing, post a message below (with contact info) or send an email to

Let me tell you everything included in this giveaway -
* Three vintage photos from the estate of Florence Kline
* 3 cards of vintage buttons and a group of matching blue buttons - also vintage but not on a card.
* A piece of gold velvet ribbon
* A vintage pin made of seashells
* A stamped linen piece to cut and embroider that make 9 coasters with fruit on them. Shown in the background in the photo to the left here and a closer view is below on the left too -

* 3 Sample Sheets from Signet Frocks, from the 1940s. They show garments available from the company. They originally had fabric swatches on them, but those were removed (Not by me)

* 3 oval vintage images of pretty ladies

* A pair of black dress gloves

* 3 dainty hankies with pink embroidery and crochet

* A wool felt embroidered silhouette from Bucilla (not sure what that was meant to be used for, it has been embroidered)

* A linen piece with lace on one end

* A Black patent vinyl zipper bag - either a small purse or make-up bag.
* The book 'Shopping For Vintage'. It has very short profiles of designers from the 1890s-1980s. Also some jewelry and handbag designers, tips on buying vintage and guides to realworld and online vintage shops and fairs. Book has artwork, no actual photos of vintage clothing.
* And it all comes in a small vintage hatbox from Gimbels!

Yes, you get everything show above, fun little vintage stuff! A winner will be drawn on the 22nd of June.

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  1. Oh I absolutely love these goodies. Please enter me.