Thinking of Fall - Skirts, Blouses, Jackets and Day Dresses just added

FIRST!!! a message to people on my mailing list. I was having trouble last month using my address for sending out the weekly email updates. So I switched to my regular email address for the weekly updates. But several people have told me that they haven't been receiving the email since I switched.

I looked into using Bravenet for the mailing list and tried importing my address book. But it automatically sent out a sign-up notice to everyone on my mailing list without telling me first. I would never have done that if I knew it would send out a message in which I had no idea what it was saying to everyone. So I apologize for that email from Bravenet. Some people were concerned that my email had been hacked, but, no, it is fine. Please just delete the Bravenet sign-up, because I won't be using that program after all. Hopefully I will have it straightened out next week.

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