7/1 Stock purchase, lots of goodies

I made a large stock purchase on Thursday July 1st. About 100 pieces of clothing and accessories. Most items are Victorian to the 1920s, with about 25 pieces from the 1940-50s. Lots of Victorian and Edwardian whites, a few silk dresses, lingerie, walking skirts, some children's clothing etc. Here are pictures of some of the pieces. The 1940-50s items are day dresses and blouses. Most items are good sizes. The older pieces do have flaws of course. There are some really nice pieces in the lot.

It's going to take me several weeks to get through everything, so please have patience if you see something that you like. I haven't evaluated the sizes and conditions of each piece yet. Whenever I buy a large load of stock like this, I usually start with some easy pieces, so that I can get them listed quickly and start making my money back. I was already working on 10 day dresses before I bought this lot, so I'll be working on those for the next update first, and then I'll start pulling some pieces from this lot to start listing. I'm at the shore for the 4th of July holiday, but I brought a bag of clothing with me to handwash and hang out to dry. So you'll probably see some of those items first and I think I'll start with the 1920s dresses and lingerie too.

No update this week because of the holiday, so check back for new stuff next week.


  1. Let me know if there are any plus sized items! I'd love a plus sized 20's dress if I can afford it!

  2. ooh la la! How I wish I could come over and help you sort! :)