Small vintate stuff - boudoir dolls, lingerie fabric and accessories, figurines and decorative items

Just added to the website -
  • 8 vintage decorative items Stamped felt dresser scarf, 2 boudoir dolls, an embroidered velvet Victorian box, a set of resin dolphins, an Oriental couple, barkcloth pillow cover and a hat stand.
  • 7 Small accessories - Christmas Pixie, a group of vintage barrettes, 3 Spoolies, shoe trees, folding comb and a Lucite purse handle.

  • Vintage Paper Items - a 1931 diary, early 1940s Walter Field catalog, several Rose O'Neill Kewpie pages from the 1910s-20s

  • 4 small items from the 1930s - Brassiere hooks on card, 3 packs of corset lacing, black lace belt with pretty rhinestone buckle that has clear green center and lacey lingerie elastic.

  • 2 1920s Silk lingerie Fabrics - nile green and coral-ly-pink

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