Vintage coats, Dresses and Hats just added to the website


Just added to the website - click the links below to see the fresh vintage stock -
  • 6 Vintage Coats - Cashmere, tweedy wool, lightweight wool, textured wool, a coat with cape sleeves and a brocade cape.
  • 2 More coats - One is a blackbrown faux fur and the other a grey wool with fur collar
  • 3 Dressy Dresses - a black chiffon paisley print maxi dress, a Pink Dress suit and custom Hong Kong Satin Dress set
  • 3 Vintage Day Dresses - two 1960s dresses and a late 1960s maxi gown - I don't know, would you consider that more of a dressy dress?
  • 15 Vintage hats - from 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, great styles!

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