Vintage items added to the etsy shop

* 13 Vintage Linen Items - An older tape lace tablecloth, the other is a 1950s Florida State tablecloth, several vintage hankies, embroidered dresser scarves and a cut Dog & Kitty Embroidered pillow cover

* 5 antique laces - yardage and appliques, pre 1940s

* 8 Vintage Hats - 4 from the 1980s, a sequin band hat and a mink band hat from the 1950s, and a men's hat from the 1960s.

* 3 pre-1920s items - Victorian millinery feathers, little girl's stockings, a silk purse and laces

* a 32B circle stitch bullet bra

* 1940s Novelty Print Hankies - Gone With the Wind & Scotland Scottie Dog

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