Vintage Hats, Purses & Gloves - Take a second look

My work room is over the garage and the only heat is a small space heater. The little heater just wasn't able to catch up to the very cold days that we've been having lately. Since I can't photograph clothing in my workroom when it's so cold, I've been working on photographing small items inside the nice warm house.

I decided to re-photograph all of the hats, purses and gloves on the website, since I recently bought a new set of photography lights and a plain grey background. I also started re-photographing some  dresses on the days that it wasn't too cold in my workroom. I'm happy with the new plain background, it gives everything a nice clean, fresh look. I hope that you like it too.

And . . .  There will be no update next week, because while I was re-photographing some items, I dropped my camera and now the lens doesn't move. I have to send it out for repair which could take a week or more. I dug out my old camera to use, but the quality of the photos on the old camera is just not good anymore. I'm camera-less!

So please give a second look at the new photos in my Hats, Purses and Gloves Departments. It's all items that you've seen before, but maybe they'll look even better this time around.

** Vintage Hats  - 6 pages of vintage hats
** Vintage Purses - 5 pages of vintage purses 
** Vintage Gloves - 3 pages of vintage gloves

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