Vintage Box Lots

I'm working on putting together some box lots of clearance items. Most items will fit a in large flat rate shipping box, but I will calculate the cheapest shipping based on your location.
International shoppers - please keep in mind that the weight of these boxes will make the shipping costly. The weight is listed with each lot.

You can see all of the lots here -
or click on the individual links below -

Email with country or zip code at  - for shipping cost

20 Piece lot of Victorian, Edwardian 1920s Small items -

17 Piece Vintage Lingerie Lot -
#BOX-4- 13 Piece Lot of Antique Baby Clothing From 1900s to 1940s 
#BOX-5- 16 Piece Lot of Vintage Purses -  
 #BOX-6- 13 Piece Lot of Vintage Linens -
#BOX-7- 26 Piece Box Lot of Plus Sized XL Vintage Girdles -

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