1920s and 1930s linen dresses, 1940s suit, 2 larger sized 1950s dresses, Mollie Parnis 1980s dress and fab early 60s swimsuit.

1920s White Linen Summer Dress with Lattice Trim and Bow -  SOLD!!

1930s White Linen Summer Dress 33 bust -

Fab 1940s Cinnamon Brown Rayon suit with short sleeves -

1980s Mollie Parnis Rayon Print Dress -
1960s Chartreuse Tropical Floral Silk Dress with Split Sleeves -  SOLD!!

1950s XL Silk Print Dress with Sheer Stripes - Sold!

Super awesome fantastic early 1960s swimsuit -

1950s Brocade Dress with Big Shawl Collar, large size -

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