Add some sparkle! Purses, sweater, tops, skirt, hat and gloves


Just added -

6 Vintage purses - Beaded,  Faille, 1940s rhinestones, Whiting & Davis mesh purse and a gold box purse - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/12e.html

Vintage crochet Hat with metallic thread - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/9i.html

Metallic Embroidered Velvet Belt - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/odds2.html

Black Cotton Gloves with teeny rhinestones - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/gloves5.html

1940s Black Rayon Blouse, XL fits 48 inch bust  - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/plus.html

Beaded Black top, Sequined Black Sweater (40-42 bust) and a Reverse embroidered taffeta skirt - http://www.dandelionvintage.com/7c.html

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