Spring Cleaning and decorating, vintage style!

Not a website update, but some pretty vintage things for you to see. I've been Spring cleaning the summer rental, which has a lot of vintage and antiques in it. Everything turned out so pretty, I just had to take some photos to show off everything.

I've been looking for one of these old accordion baby gates for a while, and I finally found a reasonably priced one on etsy. A little sanding, a fresh coat of satin - perfect for the top of the stairs for tenant's kids & doggies.

This is another recent etsy purchase, cute vintage bulldog towel rack. Now hanging in the kitchen!

Bedroom number one.  I've had that curtain fabric about 10 years, I finally broken down and cut it, putting it to use.

Bedroom number 2. I bought the bedspread and curtains from another vintage dealer friend. The curtains are probably from the 1990s, but they have a nice vintage floral look. So pretty, I love the way that the room turned out.

The kitchen. The Hoosier cabinet gets moved yet again! It's a small darkish kitchen, so I have a hard time deciding the best place to show it off. My enamel 1940s kitchen set, and some of my green kitchen pieces.

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