Vintage Hats, Perfume Bottles and Rayon Sweaters added to the etsy shop

Over the past week or so I added the following items to the etsy shop -

10 Vintage Perfume Bottles - from the late 1930s, 1940s 1950s -  Miniatures, Djer Kiss, Chanel, Early American, Jili, Evening in Paris, Vigny Heure Intime, La Richesse, 12 by Addis, Nad-Ji,Herb Farm Shop, Worth, Lentheric Miracle and others.

5 Rayon Sweaters from the 1940s (XS 30-33 inch busts)  and a 1950s Black Velvet Top - 36 bust

4 Vintage Hats - Pointed Velvet, Gathered Velvet, Faux Leopard and Crochet with netting

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