Fresh Vintage - Hats, gloves, 1940s lingerie, early 1960s Day dresses and some crafty things that I made

New for 2/22 -

  • 1940s Items - 11 pieces of silk and rayon lingerie, and a blue organdy teenager dress
  • 10 Day Dresses - from the early 1960s, plus a Vested Gentress with ferns and butterflies
  • 16 hats - from the 1940s - 60s, modeled by my fabulous (I love her!) mannequin head, who somehow makes all hats look like they're from the 1940s
  • Fur Items - includes a fabulous 1940s fox fur coat, mink stole and a few collars
  • 16 pairs of gloves - many are leather. A few long lengths, a few warm styles
  • 4 sheer white flocked scarves - for head or neck
  • 5 crafty items - made by me with vintage materials - a pleated collar, re-dressed doll, two floral hair combs and a corsage

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