New at Dandelion Vintage a 1930s dress and a few 1940s pieces, including that Watumull's Hawaiian wedding gown

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I didn't get much ready for the website this week because I was busy behind the scenes with stock that came in this week. First, someone contacted me thru the website with some things to buy. I bought about 40 1940-50s pieces from her that came by mail on Tuesday. On Wednesday I bought about 100 dresses, most are 1960s, a few earlier, some later.
On Thursday one of my vintage ladies came to see me with a big load of goodness! It was a mix of stuff that she had been saving up awhile for me. Not alot of dresses, but there were a few very super awesome 1930s 1940s dresses - I love the yellow gown, it has green beading. It has some stains that I'm not sure will come out though, so does the coral dress. But the black, floral and the rust gowns are really nice.

There were 32 pieces of 1930s and 1940s silk and rayon lingerie! Yummy. I was in heaven going thru those because I love lingerie from that era. The peach satin robe below has blue velvet appliques. Next photo is a sample of some of the slips and nightgowns, they're in larger sizes too.

There were also 106 hats. Yes, 106 hats! I really, really needed some hats, but wow! I got 'em now.

The few things in this week's update were items that I already had, they didn't come in any of this week's purchases. Right now I'm working on doing loads of washable items and getting the gowns cleaned. I'm starting with the hats and I will have a bunch of those for sure in next week's update, along with some day dresses and some of the rayon lingerie that has already been washed.

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