Just added at Dandelion Vintage - Black Dresses, Summer Shifts, Fabric, tops and Plus size Lingerie

New stock just added -

  • 6 Black Dresses - A Mexican Dress, Full skirted dresses made of - Chiffon, Taffeta and Flocking, also Velvet and Crepe Gowns
  • 12 Summer-ish Shifts - I know that Summer is still a few months away, but I decided to add these late 1960s bright Summery shifts now. They're for you gals who go on vacation Mid-Winter (I'm jealous, I could use a warm beach right now) or for you gals like me who always feel happy when they buy a Summery dress.
  • 7 Blouses - 1940s Knit top w/beads, a sweet 1950s Coral Nylon, a few plaid 1970s blouses and one with an embroidered dragon
  • Plus Size Lingere - a 1950s blue rayon nightgown and some 1980s slips
  • 4 pieces of fabrics - cottons and blends

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